Zodiac Medallion

Zodiac Medallions

The Zodiac Medallions are a beautifully crafted sterling silver glass enamel pendant made in the USA. Every piece we create is hand crafted, resulting in slight variations of color and shading, making each enameled item a unique treasure. Size is approximately a US Penny.

Aries Medallion in White Taurus Medallion in Green Gemini Medallion in White Cancer Medallion in Rust Leo Medallion in Olive Green Virgo Medallion in Royal Blue Libra Medallion in White Scorpio Medallion in Ivory-Yellow Sagittarius Medallion in Turquoise Capricorn Medallion in Rust Aquarius Medallion in Purple Pisces Medallion in Green

* To add charms, please see Medallion Accessories.
Quantities may be adjusted upon check out.

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